I003 UniSex D2E #AllTheFood Gym Vest | IronRocks Apparel


UniSex D2E #AllTheFood Gym Vest | IronRocks Apparel

These Vests were specially selected because they have slightly extra length in them which means that they do not ride up too far when exercising. They also say "#AllTheFood'  on the back because who doesn't love...alll...the...food! 

 Eco-friendly hand screen printed T-shirt

  • Binding at the neck and the armhole
  • Dual-stitch detailing
  • Blend offers vintage like drape

Colour:  TriBlend Purple

Fabric:  TriBlend 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon

Weight: 125gsm
Size: M - 38/40"

We currently only supply a medium which fit most athletes, however, if you did want a different size, please email us at AllTheFoodTShirts@designed2eat.co.uk  and we will be able to supply you with a 5 Vest minimum order and a £5 additional cost if you wish to have different bespoke writing on the back.

If you are unsure about anything regarding the Vest: please email us and we would be more than happy to help! :)

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