Health Food Shop - Welcome to Designed2Eat!

Designed2Eat is an online health food shop that sells "free from foods" suitable for Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Coeliac, IBS Sufferers, Diabetics and those with Dairy and Lactose intolerances.

Our aim is to sell foods that are bodies are Designed2Eat all in one place saving you the time and hassle of separately seeking out the products. In all our products we aim only sell "free from foods" that are free from: grains (wheat and gluten), sugar, soya, dairy, legumes, lactose and anything artificial.

The benefit of Designed2Eat's online health food shop is that all the products are also suitable if you have multiple intolerances which is something that is affecting more and more people. Desigend2Eat healthy treats are the ultimate free from foods.

Our research has found that there are very few "free from foods" health food shops that offer products with nothing added and suitable for a wide range of food intolerances. We continue to work hard to develop the range and if you feel that we are not offering something would be a great healthy treat then put us to the test. We like a challenge. Drop us a line through our Contact Us page and share your idea with us and we will go to work on the research.

Designed2Eat even caters for your own personal taste plus helping you reap all the positive health benefits. You can choose from The Fudge Brownie, The Zesty Lemon, The Sweet Coconut, The Banana Bread, and a selection of 16 bites in The Assortment Box. We offer these in a range of packaging from single cake bars, multi-packs of cake bars to family sized tray bakes.

The founder of Designed2Eat, Charleh Dickinson is gluten and diary intolerant and so decided to set up a business to manufacture and sell healthy free from foods snacks that your body was originally designed to eat.

Using only natural raw ingredients they do not contain any added sugars or salt. All the great taste comes from the natural carefully sourced ingredients. 

Although we don't have a shop we do regularly attend Food Festivals, Fitness Exhibitions and Allergy Shows around the country and so although we are an online health food shop you can visit us at one of the shows.

Drop us a line on the Contact Us page or take a look at our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/Designed2Eat for the latest information on Designed2Eat and where we are exhibiting and if you find it useful please feel free to "Like" our page.