Apparel | Designed2Eat Gym Kit ft IronRocks


Keep fit and look good with IronRocks' selection of gym wear, clothes, t-shirts and vests for men, women, bodybuilders, Crossfit, and all sports athletes in the UK.

We're so pleased to collaborate with IronRocks to bring our range of Designed2Eat clothing because of their story. 

Iron Rocks, based in Sheffield, like many successful entrepreneurs before them, were not happy with the products on the market and how much they cost.


The Start

Phil, the owner, built a set of plastic parallettes. These quickly broke and became a huge pile of lump wood. So, in all Yorkshire style, he had his new parallettes, handmade in steel by another local company and they were winners! 


If that wasn't enough, Phil's Crossfit box (gym) received their latest attire that wasn't quite right and wasn't quite happy enough. So, IronRocks rolled up their sleeves and have now supplied their T-shirts, Vests, Hoodies and Beanies ever since!


..........And the rest they say is history.