Big Nuts Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Lollies August 04 2016

Here’s how you can make your very own Big Nuts Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Lollies:

Serves: 4 (Grown-Up) Kids!
Duration: 10 minutes plus freezing time





  1. First, in a large bowl empty your ice cream and break up the ice cream using the knife.
  2. Next, roughly break up the Fossil Fuel bar into pieces and drop them into the mixture.
  3. Using a metal Tbsp, spoon the double chocolate chip ice cream into your ice cream lolly pop moulds. A plastic cup and plastic tsp also works great if you don’t own a mould.
  4. Place them into the freezer for a minimum of 60 minutes.
  5. When you are ready to eat, grab your RAWR chocolate bar with and roughly break it into to pieces.
  6. Place the chocolate into a glass bowl or a mug of choice and microwave on a low heat for 1 -2 minutes.
  7. Using a small metal spoon, stir the chocolate until it melts completely.
  8. Next, using a pestle and mortar, smash the big nuts into pieces for your added crunch garnish.
  9. Remove the ice creams from their mould. Hot running water, ran onto the outside of the mould with help you release the ice creams quickly.
  10. Either dip or spoon the melted chocolate over the ice cream and finish with the crushed big nuts.
  11. Repeat until all four ice cream have been made.
  12. Finally, serve immediately and enjoy!



Author: Charleh Dickinson

Founder & MD of Designed2Eat
Food Marketing Management Graduate at Sheffield Hallam University

Digital Marketing Manager & Food Photographer for KUB Ltd 

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