Why learning that you're gluten intolerant isn't the end of the world

As you stare across the table with yearning abstinence, you watch as your friend wipes the runaway, decadent sauce from their bottom lip. Unable to look away, you stare as they find themselves take a big juicy bite out of their deliciously looking succulent double doughnut burger. Woefully, your mind wanders back to the ‘good old days’; you know, back in the days you’d eat gluten - but at the cost of feeling lethargic and crap.

When you first find out you’re gluten intolerant, it’s not uncommon to internally want to scream “NOOOOOOO!” as thoughts of having to change your whole routine and say bye-bye to your daily favourites play on repeat in your head. No more Coco Pops, pasta bake, or chicken and stuffing sandwiches. What are you going to do?

Fear not. We got you.

First things first, the most common mistake those with a gluten intolerance make, is cutting out an entire food group rather than the offending gluten. They find it easier to cut out carbohydrates from their body and rely on proteins and fats instead. If this is you, for the good of your body, please stop. If you think your intolerance pains were bad, wait until you carb crash (on second thoughts, we’d rather you take our word for it).

The importance of substitutes

Depriving your body of neccesary macronutrients is a recipe for disaster. Instead, when you’re eliminating something from your diet, find something lip-smackingly delicious to replace it with. It’s vital that you make sure you replace it with something equal in nutrients. Most gluten is found in carb-laden food and so, if you make the choice to cut out carbohydrates, you’re depleting your body of an important energy source, one that it is used to utilising. Have you seen Tony Stark without his arc reactor? Not cool.

There are plenty of nutrient-rich carbohydrates that you can enjoy, without putting yourself through hell or feeling like you’re missing out.

Here’s what you could be enjoying

For breakfast, instead of your usual cheese on toast, why not switch to sweet potato toast instead? You can mix and match your favourite toppings, and it takes minutes to make. Indulge your sweet tooth with a layer of nut butter (we can’t get enough of almond butter!) or savour a savoury mackerel topping.  

Whoever told you that you can never have a burger again is lying. You don’t need that negativity in your life. It’s easy to make a burger gluten friendly. Swap the bun for portobello mushrooms, top it with your favourite trimmings and hey presto! You have yourself a scrumptious burger. Fancy a side of fries with that? Why not try your hand at making courgette or sweet potato fries? You’ll thank us for them later…

The sky isn’t falling

Our point is, learning that you're gluten intolerant isn't the end of the world. With a bit of creativity, you can recreate your favourite dishes and quickly fall back into a routine. Let's face it, who's laughing really? With the reduction of processed foods in your diet, you’ll feel much more energetic, your skin will glow, and you’ll be in a much better mood (hanger doesn’t look good on anyone!)

Be sure to replace any foods you have to remove from your diet with nutritious and delicious alternatives. That rule of thumb applies to dessert too. We have perfected the art of creating a natural and free from gluten, dairy, wheat, egg, soy, and corn baked brownie so that you can enjoy a yummy treat, guilt, and tummy ache free any time of the day. Order yours today as a gluten friendly on the go snack when hunger strikes.

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