Healthy Vs Weight Loss - How to lose weight & be healthy


Healthy Vs Weight Loss - How to lose weight & be healthy but what's the difference?

For many of us, particularly around the seasons of celebrating with friends and the warmer weather, we find ourselves that more self-conscious of our body weight and what we look like. I know. I can tell you that I am just the same. It's perfectly normal to want to look good naked! There, I said it! 

The question is - is there a difference between weight loss and being healthy! I think so for sure! For instance, I merely reference commercial products such as meal replacement programs, detoxes, body wraps etc. These programs may lead to short-term weight loss because they are designed put you into a calorie deficit but this won’t make you healthy, fit and a sustainable leaner life.

There is statistical evidence in society, we are getting sicker as a nation and the main cause is our food. In 1900, you had a 1 in 30 chance of getting cancer and that’s even in the industrial revolution. In the 1980’s this rose to 1 in 5.

Today, it’s 1 in 2 people. There is a definite miss conception about the word “health” food. It does not mean a plain, boring salad that tastes like feet (Seriously, who would want that?!).


Following these simple steps over time, they will help you instill the habits to long-term good health and weight loss.

Firstly, ditch the scales. Muscle weighs a sufficiently amount heavier than fat. You may remain the same weight, but may be losing inches around your legs, bums, and tum. Look in the mirror and monitor your shape. 

Secondly, find an exercise you love. If you hate going to the gym. Stop going. You love cycling to work? Keep going! If you enjoy the movement, you will have a higher chance of keeping it up.

Thirdly, it’s always 80% in the kitchen, 20% exercise. Healthy eating can be quick, easy, convenient and most importantly tasty. Here is the quick start way to get that summer body and remain healthy by only eating the foods mentioned with the portion sizes.

Protein: it is essential to building lean muscle and eating 5 palm size portions of tuna, chicken, turkey, cod, haddock, basa, salmon, sardines, seafood, eggs will support your weight loss.

Carbs: key to keeping your hormones imbalance and eating a fingers width portion size 4 times a day of  sweet potatoes, parsnips, butternut squash, carrots, beetroot and specifically berries and pineapple as your only fruit, until around 4pm.

Fats: they are perfect for helping us look great on the outside and therefore for fats, such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado and chia seeds keep them to a tsp with every meal.

Fibre; broccoli, kale, spinach, leeks, mushrooms, cauliflower. Just go to town with every meal and eat what you feel is enough. Also great if you can add all your favourite herbs and spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, and pepper too.

What to drink! Your goal is to drink at least 5 litres of fluid and this can be in the form of water, sparkling water, infused water, herbal tea and coffee/black tea/coconut water in moderation.

Finally, life is balance. If you forfeited that cake in the office during the week; enjoy that glass of red at the weekend. It will taste even better. Trust me.


Have you seen our food? Looks completely naughty but 100% natural, healthy goodness.<3


Author: Charleh Dickinson

Founder & MD of Designed2Eat
Food Marketing Management Graduate at Sheffield Hallam University

Digital Marketing Manager & Food Photographer for KUB Ltd 

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Disclaimer: Please note that we are not a professionally qualified Doctor, Dietician or Nutritionist. The information on our blogs are based only on my own experiences and the research we have found in academia.
If you are interested in changing your diet we would highly recommend doing so under the care of a qualified Health Professional. We firmly believe that there is a no diet that suits everybody. You have to go out there and discover it for yourself and enjoy the journey along the way.

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