The importance of exercise as part of your lifestyle

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Everyone deserves to live their best life. We all want to live healthy and happy, enjoying whatever lifestyle best suits us. The key to all this? Balance. Eat well, have fun, and exercise. That doesn’t mean you have to be at the gym every night, breaking down into a sweaty mess like Bridget Jones.

It could be something as carefree as going for a Sunday bike ride with the family, going for a walk around the park in the evenings, or even dancing around your bedroom - do what you feel like, go crazy. For something that doesn’t have to take much effort, exercise affects your day-to-day lifestyle more than you may think.

Social life

Taking up a new hobby means instant friends. It may be cheesy, but it's true. Confidence is key to a good social life and doing exercise can help with that. As you become fitter and stronger, your confidence will grow and, as a consequence, your social life will flourish. Exercise is a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence, so get out there. Make friends.

If you think that exercise has to be a chore, believe us, it doesn’t have to be. Not every run has to turn into Forrest Gump. It gets even better when you're working out with friends. There are exercise classes to suit a range of interests including hot yoga, boxercise and dance.

When joining a new class, you may be nervous, to begin with, but over time you’ll no doubt make friends with others in the class thanks to your new-found sense of confidence. Exercise is a great way to create great friendships and open up new opportunities.


Those who train together, stay together. Who knew that exercise could improve our relationships? Studies have shown that after intense sessions at the gym, couples recall feeling significantly more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner. You know the rush of endorphins you get after a great workout? That's love. Sweaty love.

Whatever activity you’ve got planned, take your partner with you! Working out together helps improve the quality of your workouts too, especially if you're the competitive type. It's always nice to have your own cheerleader by your side to help spur you on so you can achieve your fitness goals.


Who knew that working out could increase work productivity? It can also enhance creativity and problem-solving, so maybe a run on the treadmill could turn you into the next Picasso? Now that would be pretty amazing. What a way to impress the boss.

The cognitive efforts involved in creativity, especially when it comes to thinking outside the box, improves significantly with exercise. In general, exercise is great for the brain. It can boost your memory, improve your concentration, and is just better for your mental wellbeing.

Exercise is the key to a perfectly balanced social life - it helps you work hard and play hard. After your workout of choice, why not treat yourself to a healthy snack - like our scrumptious baked brownie? Free from gluten, dairy, wheat, egg, soy, and corn, our brownie is great for people with intolerances. And those without too! Order yours today.

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